• 10 years for dental implants
  • 5 years for ceramic tooth replacements
  • 2 years for composite fillings, plastic or acryl resin replacements.

Long-term success primarily depends on the treatment done, health condition, habits, behaviour of the patients. Our guarantee refers above all to the quality of the tooth replacements made.

Services done under warranty:

Replacements and/or fillings made by the dentists or technicians are repaired or changed free-of-charge within the warranty period, depending on the dentist’s decision. Additional expenses such as travel, accommodation, lost working time, etc. are beyond our warranty obligations.

Warranty condition:

Patients are entitled to warranty services if they have appeared in our parlour for six-monthly control examinations, have accepted and received the recommended treatments within one month.

Causes of warranty exclusion:

Our warranty shall be void, if tooth damage was caused by:

  • external effects or improper use;
  • attempts of repair or change made by unauthorized people;
  • biological effects such as progressing caries, gum inflammations, loss of teeth, allergies not known prior to the applied treatment;

non-physiological surcharges, accidents, other mechanical effects.