Cures received in the Hévíz spa station are most appropriate not only for healing of existing diseases or pains, they offer excellent occasions for prevention, relaxation or recreation. Adepts of wellness and healthy life have a large choice among various possibilities.

Rush. Unfortunately this is the proper expression for our way of life. We need from time to time detachment from our usual environment, to relax and be spoiled by careful and professional hands. In Hévíz you will be able to get calm rest or active refreshment throughout the year.

In Hévíz time slows down, your body can relax in the caressing thermal water of the lake, you will be truly reinforced.

The special warm water of the lake offers best conditions for a lot of medical treatments and cures. Be your stay in Hévíz long or short, you should not skip at least one bath in the lake or to get some spa cure. Beyond the famous lake, the hotels of Hévíz operate numerous thermal baths, delightful adventure pools, or swimming pools.

Wellness refreshment involves – beyond baths – active movements, too. Most sports involving physical effort are offered in fresh air, such as walking, Nordic walking, cycling, horse-riding, golf, tennis, aqua-jogging or aqua-fitness. Fans of passive refreshment may get acquainted with far-east relaxation techniques such as tai-chi, yoga or 5 Tibetan.

Nowadays the concept of wellness also includes beauty care. In Hévíz you will find such a large selection of available procedures and top-level technologies, that beauty-weekends have become a standard form of service, most popular among visitors.

Source: heviz.hu